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Find your plan

Whether you're just dipping your toe in the water or ready to sign up your entire organisation, we've got the right plan you.

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Start each week with a bitesize but incisive email that will inspire you to take action on a key aspect of leadership.

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Access to the same great weekly email, plus

  • Concrete next steps from the manager playbook
  • Personalise your curriculum
  • On-demand access to any topic
  • Opt in for mentoring and support from like-minded leaders
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Embed great leadership practices across your entire organisation.

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All the benefits of individual access, plus

  • Access for all your employees
  • Group learning features
  • Customisation for your business

What's included?

  for free for individuals for organisations
Weekly email
A dose of bitesize practical advice to help you be a more successful leader.
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Concrete actions
Questions to ask your team and your boss, ideas for workshops and activities, and supporting tools and resources to help put what you've learned into practice.
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Personalise your curriculum
Instead of receiving a new topic each week, choose to focus the emails on a specific area you need help with. Go back to the regular schedule when you're ready.
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On-demand access
Need help with a specific leadership challenge? Access the full playbook online to get immediate assistance.
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Mentoring and Support
Opt-in and we'll connect you with like-minded leaders so you can share your challenges and successes, learn from each other, and build your skills and network.
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Access for all your employees
Choose an open-access agreement and get new employees on board in less than 30 seconds with nothing extra to pay.
Group learning
We'll work with you to make sure teams receive the same email each week, promoting discussion and encouraging people to take action. We can also help facilitate initial group discussions to get you and your teams started.
Customisation for your business
We offer additional services to customise Serve The Team, from adding your own branding to including actions and recommendations that are tailored to your organisation.