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Be a better boss

Be a better boss

Our mission: help leaders like you build happier and more successful teams. Give your skills a weekly workout, level up your leadership abilities and be a better boss every day.

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Bitesize but incisive ideas on how to level up your leadership skills, every week.


Take away concrete next steps you can put into practice with your team right away.


Whether you lead a project, a team or an organisation, we can help.

Even the best leaders can do better (including you!)

We help you take leadership to the next level by making best practices second nature. We can help entire organisations too.

Start each week with a bitesize, incisive email from our playbook that will inspire you to take action on a key aspect of leadership.

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Workers in the USA have quit a job to escape a boss

Gallup, 2015


of employees leave a job due to lack of appreciation

O.C Tanner

$ billion

Estimated annual cost to US economy of bad management

Gallup, 2015

Why us? Because practice makes permanent

The world isn’t short of books about management, or training courses, or leadership coaches. Books sit on bookshelves, gathering dust. Training courses don't leave a lasting impression. And who has the resources to access a leadership coach anyway?

Serve The Team helps you boost your skills every week.

Join us on our mission, and help give the world another happy and successful team.

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Why 'Serve' The Team?

Our advice is rooted in servant leadership. The best leaders we've worked with recognise that their success comes from their teams, not from themselves, and they spend their time and energy accordingly. They lead by serving their teams.

You can’t lead a team just by telling everyone what to do. Not only are there not enough hours in the day, but if you demand people just follow orders then you miss out on their individual brilliance: their insights, their ideas, their creativity. You also rob them of the chance to learn and improve, which means that your team will never get better at what it does.

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