About Serve The Team

Mindful management

Mindful management

We believe the world would be a happier and more successful place if it had better leaders, everywhere. We don’t think the world's leaders and managers are bad people, but leadership is hard, and most of us don’t get much help to do a better job.

What is Serve The Team?

We love great leadership, and want to see more of it in the world. Good leaders build happy and productive teams, and happy and productive teams build a happier and richer world.

We know we're not alone here. There’s no shortage of books about management, or training courses, or leadership coaches. But we’re different. Books sit on bookshelves, and don’t get read again (or even at all). Training courses rarely have a big impact - what do you remember from the last one you took? And while many leadership coaches are experts in their field, they’re expensive and hard to access.

Our mission is to help leaders like you build happier and more successful teams using affordable and effective tools that you can put to work every day.

Why 'Serve' the Team?

Leaders are only as good as their teams. You might be a brilliant individual contributor, but if you can’t engage, motivate and drive your team then you’ll be an ineffective leader.

You can’t lead just by telling everyone what to do. Not only are there not enough hours in the day for this approach, but if you demand people just follow orders then you miss out on their individual brilliance: their insights, their ideas, their creativity. You also rob them of the chance to learn and improve, which means that your team will never get better at what it does.

The best leaders recognise that you get the most out of a team by serving its needs. They give direction, but they empower their teams to deliver. They value accountability, but they coach and support their teams to be the best they can be. They recognise that their success comes from their teams, not from themselves, and they spend their time and energy accordingly.

Who are we and why should you listen to us?

Serve The Team’s founders have worked with teams all around the world, big and small. Our subscribers come from a wide range of industries and organisations, in both the public and private sectors, and our advice resonates with all of them. You can drop thousands on a training course that’s over in three days, and wonder three months later what difference it made. Or you can engage in continuous practice with Serve The Team across those three months and make a small improvement every day. Like millions of other managers, we started with limited experience and very little in the way of resources for training and development. We were fortunate to have some great mentors and role models, but not everyone is that lucky.

We learned from those mentors, and from our own painful mistakes. We know how important good leadership is, not just for delivering results but for the quality of life of everyone on a team. We know that it's still challenging to find the time and resources to level up your leadership skills in a way that really sticks. And we're determined that life should be better for teams and leaders around the world.

We built Serve The Team's playbook from our own real-world experience, a place where budgets are slim and time is scarce. We know what works, because we’ve lived it ourselves. And we want you and your team to benefit from our experience and start being happier and more successful today.